By | April 3, 2020 (the “Site”) and (Collectively “Hitfile”) contains certain copyrighted materials that is governed bythe EU Directive 2001/29/EC commonly referred to as the InfoSoc Directive to implement the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Copyright Treaty and in compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, (Title 17 U.S.C. §512). Please note that under section §512(f), any person that knowingly misrepresents any material or activity that is infringing will be subject to liability. All rights are reserved. Any reproduction or actions of distribution of content without written consent is prohibited by law and may reflect a copyright infringement, which would be designated to our copyright agent. NOT ALL CONTENT THAT IS VIEWED THROUGH THIS SITE IS SERVICED LOCALLY AND THIS NOTICE REFERS TO CONTENT THAT IS ONLY UPLOADED ONTO HITFILE.NET AND HOSTED THOUGH HITFILE.

The following is only acceptable for personal and non-commercial use only:

You may print or download to a local hard drive; and
You must acknowledge the personal use of any content from the original source of our Site.
However all users and premium account users should own their own material(s) and should not use any pictures or videos from any other websites.

If you are a business or reseller with us, you are acceptable to all the foregoing copyright rules, laws, and regulations before being able to post any such materials within our Site.

Therefore, Hitfile complies with DMCA Title II, the Online Copyright Infringement Liability Limitation Act (“OCILLA”), which creates a safe harbor for online service providers against copyright infringement liability, provided that we promptly block access to alleged infringing material (or remove such material from our systems) when we receive notification of an infringement claim from a copyright holder or the copyright holder’s agent.

In order to file any notification of copyright infringement actions, you must send us a written form of communication via email to [email protected] using the following outline:

Include a complete statement regarding the specific material(s) such as (video, music, and/or etc.) that you found to be a possible act of infringement on Hitfile.
Let us know which country the copyrighted material applies.
Make sure to label the email being sent to us (Notification of Copyright Infringement).
Use your official e-mail domain.
Explain to us how the material(s) and/or videos may be infringing your copyright and the location and/or title of material(s) and/or video, including URL of the link.
Please make sure to include your contact information (email, name, and/or address), so that we may be able to reach you and allow the resolution of the complaint filed.
Make sure to include the following written statement: “It is my legal intentions with an act of good faith, that I belief the following copyrighted material(s) described herein are not authorized by the owner or legally entitled on behalf of the owner to any third party and therefore is not permitted by law to use the copyrighted material(s) and I swear that the following statement is true and accurate and by law have the exclusive right to bring proceedings of infringement.”
Do not forget to attach a scanned document (signed and stamped) confirming the rights to the material or activity.
Make sure you sign the claim being sent to us via email, such as a valid digital signature or scanned physical signature.
Furthermore all completed notices shall be delivered to Hitfile’s Designated Copyright Agent below:

Please note that all claims are forwarded to the appropriate legal authorities for the process of identification and claims of violations to intellectual property rights infringement.

We are not liable for any false claims of copyright infringement filed with us, which you may be held responsible for all legal actions. Therefore we request that you seek legal advice before reporting any of the following criteria regarding a claim to make sure the copyrighted materials have beeninfringed. Any repeat offenders of false claims and/or misrepresentation are strictly enforced by Hitfile and will be terminated from use of this Site.

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